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Banana Pancakes

At home in the heart of Atwood.

From our retrofitted building to our Atwood neighborhood home, we embrace an upbeat identity that’s a cool combination of hip and traditional, which extends to our wide-ranging menu. We have breakfast all day, and a whole lot of what you love to eat! Sandwiches, soups, salads; sweet and savory; vegetarian and vegan. We’re basically a bright rainbow of fresh, delectable food.

Veggie Burger

A Veritable Vegetarian/Vegan Haven

Madison Magazine just named us a great place for vegetarians, and we’re pleased as punch. We’ve worked hard to create a menu with something that will appeal to every Madisonian, and we know a lot of our neighbors are looking for healthy, satisfying meatless meals. We’d love to introduce you! Meet our walnut burgers, tofu scrambler, vegan banana walnut pancakes and vegetarian chili. We have fruit plates and grilled vegetable salads, vegetarian hash and a few wonderful veggie wraps (and more!). Extensive, enticing and delish!

Sterling Service – In the Restaurant, and the Community

Monty’s loves Atwood and Madison, and we take intense pride in our community engagement and involvement. We’ve partnered with other neighborhood and city businesses and organizations to create a safer, friendlier, more connected community. These include Madison schools, G.S.A.F.E., YMCA, Wil-Mar Center, and many others. And as the flagship of Food Fight Restaurant Group, we’ve driven even more community involvement on a corporate level. We strive to be good neighbors, good friends and good citizens, inside our walls and beyond.

Monty’s Blue Plate Out and About

Speaking of connecting beyond our walls—Monty’s caters. And delivers. Why cook when Monty’s can bring your favorite dishes anywhere? Have a party or event we can help you out with? We’ll bring breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert to your small, medium or large-scale events. We offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, along with Blue Plate staples and our classic cakes, pies, and bakery items. Give us a call, we’d love to help!

Vegan Wrap
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