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Monty’s Dessert Case

A Case of Sweet Delights

Monty’s Blue Plate offers some of the best desserts in Madison, and we have a display case of dreams where you can peek at your many choices. Fruit pies, cream pies, cakes, cupcakes and cheesecakes of all kinds rotate through the menu—and through the iconic glass case you see just as soon as you step through the door. Be sure to stop in regularly to see what’s in store, and to check out the seasonal changes. Sweet!

I Spy Some Yummy Pie—and Other Desserts

It might be mostly pies you see in the dessert case, but Monty’s has a full menu of great sweet options. Cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, ice cream sundaes and shakes, cupcakes and brownies, even donuts and morning buns—we’re practically a dessert depot, and a bakery inside a diner!

The Finest Ingredients for You – Vegan Options Too!

Our house desserts are made the traditional way, using the freshest and finest ingredients. Fresh fruit, real butter, no additives or preservatives. We even have vegan options: fruit pies, brownies, soy ice cream, sundaes and shakes. You can feel good about your choices, because of ours. So enjoy.

Eat In — Or Take Some Home!

We’re always happy to host you in our diner, but don’t forget you can take our desserts home with you, too! Buy full cakes or pies for your own special occasions (we recommend ordering ahead for best selection, though we do usually have some on hand), or take an iced sugar cookie home to the kids. A little slice of Monty’s sweetens your day like nothing else!

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